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DTV Shredder 2018 Updates

Discussion in 'DTV Shredder General Discussion' started by Tim, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    For those of you that have been following the DTV Shredder, you will have noticed some incredibly positive changes over the past 18 months. For starters, BPG Werks was restructured in late 2015 resulting in the primary investors taking control and ownership of the company. In early 2016, BPG Werks was officially dissolved and DTV Motor Corporation was created soon after. Over the next year, a complete DTV Shredder redesign was underway where the Shredder was significantly improved for the launch of the new 2017 DTV Shredder Model.

    The 2017 model was the first DTV Shredder available for sale in North America, but that hasn't slowed down Shredder Development. For 2018 there are a series of small but incremental improvements in the Shredder, the zero turn system is a particular stand out to me. To see just how far the Shredder has come look at the progress chart from 2016 to 2018. As part of the 2018 changes the price has also been significantly dropped, with an MSRP of $4,499.00 USD, we'll be seeing a lot of new Shredder owners on the forum soon.

    Zero turn system in action - Available on 2018 models

    New Leadership
    In the summer of 2017, Ben Gulak officially left the company and is no longer associated with the company or the DTV Shredder. Todd Clarke, a seasoned executive level leader was appointed CEO of the company and has made significant improvements. notable changes include:
    • A full rebranding to DTV Motor Corporation
    • A move to a much larger facility for better service delivery
    • The opening of a satellite warehouse in Niagara Falls, New York to better service our US customers both consumers and dealers with quick-delivery inventory on hand at all times
    • A new evolving web-site packed with useful information - https://www.dtvmotorcorp.com/
    • A major technology upgrade
    • Numerous new policies and SOP’s that revolve around service excellence
    • 200 Shredders shipped to pre-order/early customers

    The DTV Shredder was created by the brilliant mind of master machinist, Ryan Fairhead who designed and built the first DTV Shredder prototype in 2008 from his initial drawings in 2005. Today, Ryan is DTV’s Vice President of Research and Development and is overseeing several new exciting innovative technologies at the prototyping and testing stages.

    New Culture
    DTV Motor Corporation is building a world class service culture. With a new online parts and accessories catalog and a first use guide all available from the refreshed https://www.dtvmotorcorp.com. Buying a 2018 Shredder now comes with service and support from DTV's team.

    Todd Clarke, the new CEO of DTV Motor Corporation saw the lake of customer support as something that needed urgent help when he took over the company in 2017 - “When I arrived at the company, I quickly realized that significant improvements were required in numerous areas - mainly in the area of service delivery”. “Today we exceed customers expectations at every touch point to ensure first call resolution and we always deliver on expectations”. ”I am very much a hands-on leader and expect the same every day from all of our leaders and their team members”. ” It is this culture of excellence that will drive our success for many years to come”.

    DTV Shredder 2018 Specifications
    • Engine: 4-stroke Single Cylinder EPA Certified - Electric start with improved switch and LED indicators
    • Transmission: Dual CVT transmission with zero turn system
    • Displacement: 208 cc
    • Bore: 70 mm
    • Stroke: 54 mm
    • Piston: PVD Coated rings for extended durability
    • Horsepower: 14
    • Valvetrain: 2 valves - OHV
    • Cylinder head: Gravity cast - Port optimized
    • Connecting Rod: CNC billet high performance rod
    • Oil system: Full pressure lube with oil filter and oil cooler
    • Coiling system: Air Cooled with improved air intake and oil cooler
    • Fuel Capacity: 3.8 liters / 1 gallon
    • Exhaust system: Hindle Full stainless steel
    • Ignition system: 3D map advanced ignition system
    • Fuel delivery system: ECS system with closed loop control - Multi sensor feedback with oxygen sensor
    • Battery: Lead acid - 6.5 amps
    • Drive chains: two 32 link o-ring chains
    • Drive chain guides: Improved chain guides for extended wear
    • Shock absorption: Shock with rebound control
    • Middle suspension: Double articulating and low friction bearing
    • Brake system: Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • Chassis: Skid plate, ice breakers, grab bar & mud flaps
    • Dry weight: 280 lbs
    • Towing capacity: 500 lbs
    • Top speed: 25 mph/ 40 kmh
    • Price: $4,499.00 USD

    Read the ATV.com review of the 2018 DTV Shredder

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