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DTV Shredder Updates from BPG for 2016

Discussion in 'DTV Shredder General Discussion' started by Tim, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011
    BPG Werks DTV Shredder 2016.jpg

    We're a week into 2016 and it is time we do an annual update on the status of BPG Werks and the DTV Shredder.
    BPG Werks was quiet much of the year in 2015 so pre-order customers and prospective customers continue to filling my inbox with questions about when they can get their hands on a DTV Shredder. I had the opportunity to connect with BPG owner Ben Gulak and get an update on just what is happening at the Canadian based company.

    PowerBoardFanatics: 2015 was a quiet year from BPG, what have you been up to?
    Ben Gulak - Founder & CEO BPG Werks: I know that it’s long over due and as usual it isn’t because we haven’t been busy. Usually when I go unusually more silent than normal it’s just because we have a lot going on.

    PBF: Why don't you give us and the fans an update on what you've been working on.
    Ben: Over the past 10 months we’ve made some significant changes to the DTV Shredder. There’s been a lot of feedback and suggestions from the early users around the world and we have taken that feedback and designed many of the improvements. (improvements listed below)

    PBF: How is the EPA certification coming? (major hold up to selling the Shredder in the USA)
    Ben: We are on track with our EPA progress according to the most recent schedule we put together 6 months ago. As you know, the engine we built for the Shredder was non EPA compliant and has been the root cause for us being unable to import Shredders into the US. It’s also prevented us from being able to officially sign up dealerships, take pre-orders from dealer networks or officially display the Shredders on any showrooms.

    Luckily, we developed an oil pump for our engine which fits inside the Shredder and allows our engine to run the full 125 hours required for the EPA test and our engine is now passing the durability requirement with flying colors.

    PBF: Have you started the official EPA certification process?
    Ben: We could have officially begun the test months ago. However, over the summer we found a really cool company, Dellorto, based out of Italy. Dellorto has designed an electronically controlled Carburetor that behaves in a very similar way to a fuel injection system. It will allow the carb to automatically tune itself while operating to allow the Shredder to run at maximum performance regardless of altitude and temperature. This will eliminate all of the issues we’ve had with customers living above sea-level or in extreme temperatures (Moscow - Middle East). As a result of working with Dellorto we delayed the final EPA test until we have a carb system fully set up to run on the Shredder. We can only file the EPA application once and it needs to be with the full prediction engine set-up and we believe that having this Carb system on every Shredder is a no brainer. It will give customers around the world a much better user experience right out of the box.

    PBF: What marketing are you doing for the Shredder in 2016?
    Ben: We have some really amazing marketing things happening for 2016 including:

    2016 Winter X-Games - There are some really strict restrictions on advertising in the X-Games since the big companies spend a small fortune on advertising there every year so X-Games is very careful about how they let companies promote their products. But, we will for sure be doing something cool at the upcoming winter X-Games.

    Nitro Circus - We are continuing our work with Nitro Circus. The Shredder actually had a small segment in their new movie Action Figures that was just released. It was a small segment, but, it showcased all 3 riders who did the Shredder flip in the movie alongside the entire Nitro Circus crew. It’s a really awesome movie to have been able to be a part of and it’s only the start.

    For the live tour wraps we are going to get a couple of the 20hp Shredders which have the speed and power to hit their jumps and let them spend the next 4 months learning and creating tricks. By the spring of 2016 we will be seeing the Shredders playing a much bigger part in the Nitro Circus live show which is a really big deal for us.

    ShredderX - The ShredderX race series which will officially be launching in 2016. This race Series is going to be an integral part of our long term vision since it’s where riders will mature and eventually compete for X-Game spots. I am hopeful that by Winter 2017 we will have a competitive demo race at the Winter X-Games.

    TV Shows - We’ve been shooting a lot of TV shows recently. Last week we did a feature for NBC and prior to that we did a big shoot with Discovery Channel and a British Show. We are also working on doing something with Top Gear in the near future.

    PBF: Have you brought on anyone to help bring the Shredder to market?
    Ben: We have slowly been expanding our team over the past year. We are now in the process of bringing on some fantastic engineering talent with true powersport industry experience. We have been fortunate to attract some really great talent and are also building a really cool culture at BPG.

    PBF: Anything else you want the PowerBoard Fanatics and DTV fans to know?
    Ben: It’s a really exciting time for us to finally be in the home stretch of entering the market we designed the Shredder for.

    2016 DTV Shredder Improvements
    • Brush guard
    • Snow and Sand Parts
    • Snorkel Kit
    • Zero Turn System - Really cool for turning at low speeds
    • New Tool Kit - Every DTV Shredder now comes with a nice tool boxes that includes most of the tools an owners needs to work on the Shredder
    • Better instructions, service manuals and information packet are now supplied with every Shredder
    • 20 hp Engine Upgrade Kit - The new engine power upgrade kit has been shipping in limited quantities and give a good boost to performance
    • Factory Graphics Wrap - The company that designed the Deadmau5 wrap is designing a factory wrap that will come on all new Shredders (see pics)

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  2. DTVShredderUK

    DTVShredderUK New Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    Cheshire UK
    As the new Approved UK distributor I wish to add our point of view. We have not found the problems UK Dtv Shredder had as the previous planned distributor here in the UK. We are currently importing Shredders in to the UK and have daily phone and email communication with BPG.

    We have also had great support. When a customer broke a part through misuse for which we lacked stock BPG rescued the situation. Replacement part was dispatched to us by FedEx within days.

    So we have had a totally different experience to the previous UK distributor. As the new UK distributor we have found the BPG team to be proactive in handling all issues.

    As the brand grows so will BPG and I have no question on the integrity or intentions of BPG to fulfill it's promises.
  3. sTTIckman

    sTTIckman New Member

    Sep 19, 2013
    Well has anyone in the U.S. gotten a Shredder yet? It's been 18 months since the above post. I was e-mailing an Andrew McEwan in December, and told me I should expect my Shredders in spring and he would keep me abreast. Never heard again.
    And I haven't been able to contact via their phone #. There's a message that no one available to take your call and that's it. No option to leave a message.

    I really am regretting getting in on the early purchase and I'm doubting I'll ever see them. On top of that, if I do receive them I'm only saving $500 each. Which hasn't been worth the stress of waiting 4 years!
  4. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011
    Not yet but I've been told soon. I'll see if I can get an update from my contacts.

    How much did you pre-pay for yours?
  5. sTTIckman

    sTTIckman New Member

    Sep 19, 2013
    Hi there. I paid $4500 x 2.
  6. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011
    I agree that isn't a ton of discount for how long you've been waiting.
  7. Larry Herrington

    Larry Herrington New Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    east central arkansas
    Who is telling you soon? I can't get an email returned nor a phone call answered. I want my prepaid refunded in full. 5 years of waiting for nothing but hiked prices and broken promises. I advise everyone to steer clear of these shifters.
  8. Crazy Wheels (BE)

    Crazy Wheels (BE) New Member

    Sep 23, 2017
    BPG Werks doesn't answer phone calls, doesn't return emails, doesn't respond to FB-chat.
    Tried to call Andrew McEwan several times too, no sign of life whatsoever...
    I have THREE orders in Europe: 10 for Spain, 5 for France, 2 for Belgium.
    Nobody can be reached.
    Guy in Holland who has/had dealership only has ONE Shredder for sale: demo model.
    Some weird sh*t going on...
    I have 2 demo-models, so people can try before they buy.
    Guess I'll put them for sale, and start looking for something new...
  9. sTTIckman

    sTTIckman New Member

    Sep 19, 2013
  10. sTTIckman

    sTTIckman New Member

    Sep 19, 2013
    A late followup. Andrew, one of the sales guys called me in December and we started getting my purchased squared away. I had some unusual circumstances involved with my purchases. Andrew worked though it all and got me set up. I believe I ended up getting both of them in early March. Got them both uncrated and had some difficulty getting them started but eventually did. They let me know their starting procedure later and they start right up now. Also had a small quality control issue with one. Some nuts weren't tightened down and one of the drives separated from the drive sprocket. One call and I had new parts within a couple days.
    I'm having a good time with them. Definitely a different type of off-roading. Getting a bit of an upper body workout. Nice being up high too.
    Happy with the purchase. Just took waaaaay too long.

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